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The Short Term Rental Profits Show

May 13, 2023

Jason welcomes Jasper Ribbers of They discuss investing in the short term rental space, building a ‘hospitality brand mindset’ regardless of what is happening in the market and how the industries or ‘ecosystems’ around it are affected. They also talk about how short term rentals are turning to be midterm rentals and how to find your customers outside of Airbnb.

Key Takeaways:

1:04 Welcome Jasper Ribbers of

1:24 An update on what’s happening in the short term rental world

2:31 When AirBnB allowed cancellations without penalty

3:26 A general life lesson and the time line for growth explosion

5:39 Living the nomad lifestyle and the adoption of remote working technology

9:03 The rising rates in today’s market and the “AirBnB bust”

11:50 Amazing supply growth globally and in a small town in California

13:49 Building a hospitality brand mindset, regardless of what’s happening in the market

16:38 Knock on effects on the market and related industries

18:57 What we can expect in the future of the short term rental industry

21:14 The best segment of the short term rental market

23:58 Potential shift in the market from short term to midterm rentals

26:05 Finding your customers outside Airbnb





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