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The Short Term Rental Profits Show

Jul 10, 2022

Jason Hartman is joined today by luxury short term rental specialist and rising star Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh. Rachel is an expert in luxury short term rental properties and creates memorable experiences for her guests in unique locations and self-manages her rentals by utilizing a team, tech, and systems she has implemented over the last 2 years.

Enjoy this interview with Rachel as she identifies new avatars in the market and profiles the ROI on her rental properties!

1:04 Welcome Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh, specialist in luxury short term rental investing

1:45 Rental arbitrage model

3:36 Self managing your properties remotely

6:31 Where are Rachel’s properties?

8:54 Rachel’s second luxury rental

9:58 Dynamic pricing tool

11:46 Long term rental vs short term rental

13:26 A new guest avatar in the market

15:33 Serve a larger family unit that can split that nightly rate

17:30 Net profit from Rachel’s Poconos properties

18:41 HOAs - rule of thumb

21:08 Revenue numbers and Rachel’s TV deal

23:02 New build on Rosemary Beach

23:40 What are the hottest short term rental markets in the country?

26:12 Luxury STR allow you to create a brand for yourself

28:04 Challenges in the STR business

29:56 Where should I invest? Check out Rachel’s free list at



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