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The Short Term Rental Profits Show

Nov 21, 2020

Jenna Weinerman, VP of Marketing from, joins Jason Hartman to share some facts and figures on Americans' move out of big cities. Updater is an app that helps to complete all of the peoples' moving-related tasks. This app has a lot of moving data collected from real estate businesses across the US.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] What is Updater?

She is the VP of Marketing - 

Updater helps to complete all of the peoples' moving-related tasks.

[3:00] With Updater, they can survey one-third of the market. 

[5:00] Jenna explains the difference between moving and a relocation event in terms of the pandemic. 

[6:45] Is there support for the anecdotal evidence that people are moving mid-pandemic? 

[9:45] Bidding wars across the country with this unusually long real estate season. 

[11:00] Zoom fatigue. But the tech is there to work from home. 

[11:45] Three more national moving trends starting with: the distance that someone moved.

[14:45] Why did mobility spike? Why are people moving in this period?

[15:15] Are people leaving the city? 

[18:30] Warm southwest climates are receiving more new residents. 

[23:00] You can't always take data at face value.

[24:00] Discussing net loss. 

[28:30] What cities are making headlines and why? The Covid-19 Effect on NYC

[29:45] San Franciscans liked to stay in California, while NYC residents likely left the state.

[33:25] Jenna continues to break down where people that fled ended up. 

[35:15] Where did San Franciscans go? … besides California, Texas! 

[40:00] Where are Boston and Vegas residents going?

[43:00] A lot of people are moving to Denver, CO. Where are they coming from?

[47:30] What should our country expect moving forward?

[52:00] If there were ever a time to purchase a home, now is it! 


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