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The Short Term Rental Profits Show

Sep 4, 2020

Jason Hartman talks Real Estate Wholesaling with Lex Levinrad. Lex takes us through his work-flow and how his business spans real estate wholesaling, flipping, and rentals. Jason finds out how Lex is continuing to find foreclosure inventory and talks about the anticipation of changes in the next three years. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:26] Explaining wholesaling

[5:00] How are you finding foreclosure inventory, and is it more-so of a struggle currently?

[7:30] With current trends, short-sales will become a booming business again in the next couple of years 

[9:30] What’s the step by step?

[12:55] Understanding the concepts of whole-saling, and the order of process

[19:30] No matter what you are doing, flipping, or wholesaling, remember to keep a couple of rentals as well