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The Short Term Rental Profits Show

Nov 10, 2017

Maureen Regan, President of Seaside Vacation Rentals and former president of Vacation Rental Management Association, joins the show to talk about what's going on in the short term rental market, how your home can actually take less of a beating with short term tenants, how to market your property, and how to be a good host.

Key Takeaways:

[3:38] Where Maureen's properties are and how business is

[6:52] How it's possible that short term rentals wear your properties less

[10:02] Maureen's thoughts on the improvement smart homes have brought to hosts

[15:18] What it takes to be a good host

[18:45] Accounting and organizational tips


The Rental Game: Winning with a Professional Vacation Rental Team by Maureen Regan