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The Short Term Rental Profits Show

Oct 2, 2022

Jason Hartman welcomes back Brandon Hall, CEO of Hall CPA to talk about tax strategies for real estate investors. If you're a real estate investor, you really have to know the passive loss rules - you can’t afford not to! As Jason always says, taxes are the single largest expense in most people's lives, yet people spend so little time understanding the tax code and learning how they can benefit from it.

Brandon Hall shares multiple strategies and educates you on the ways you can significantly reduce and potentially even eliminate your tax bill through short term rentals and the passive activity loss rules of Section 469.

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Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome Brandon Hall, CEO of Hall CPA and TaxSmart Investors to talk about tax strategies for real estate investors

1:05 Taxes are the single largest expense in most people's lives

2:35 Brandon Hall, CPA, Tax Smart Foundation

3:32 Long term and short term rental tax loopholes

5:04 Section 469 of the Internal Revenue Code: passive activity loss rules

7:02 RE taxes when you sell a property

8:35 Depreciation recapture

9:22 Cash flow today that you're not paying tax on

10:33 Tax loss from your rental real estate - passive and non passive income

14:10 Most real estate is going to produce net operating income positive cash flow, while simultaneously producing a tax loss

14:49 Use your suspended tax losses from rental real estate to protect my tax benefit

16:39 Investing in short term rentals and real estate professionals

17:48 A short term rental is not a rental activity under Section 469

20:15 Top three material participation tests

21:25 Start self managing your rentals with software

23:17 Self managing is all about systems

24:02 The huge benefit of 1031 exchange

25:17 Qualifying as a real estate professional

29:05 Excess business loss rules

31:52 Bringing forward depreciation deductions through cost segregation

32:40 Losses can always offset business income or rental income

33:49 Biden tax plan

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