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The Short Term Rental Profits Show

Aug 28, 2020

Jason Hartman spreads the news, lumber prices have gone through the roof. What does this mean for new construction homes? What does this mean for the homes you already own?

Jonathan Martis, CEO and Co-Founder of Kleard, joins Jason Hartman today to share his business with smart locks, smart real estate, and self-tour tech. Open a house for potential clients from anywhere in the world, and get pre-qualifying information alongside. Will this tech move to the short-term rental market as well?

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] From a weekly report on the lumber market: Prices have gone through the roof on southern yellow pine, an essential building material for homes.

[4:00] The houses you own are index funds for commodities. 

[7:45] Meet the Masters VIP Follow-On Session Number 2

[11:00] 42% mortgage interest rate in Honduras (1994)

[13:30] Index + Margin = Rate or the lenders interest rate

[16:25] Since April 17th, the average new single-family home has increased in price by____?

Jonathan Martis

[21:00] What is Smart Locks by Kleard, and how did it come about?

[24:45] Jonathan explains how to use Kleard for self-tours. 

[34:00] How much does it cost?

[39:25] What’s next in the smart home industry?


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